Private Party Tour 2.0: The Encore

Welcome back to DMF's Private Party Tour 2: The Encore! After the unprecedented success of the groundbreaking PPT #1, DMF is hitting the road again for a 27-city US adventure in the most unique venues—from mystical old churches to secret underground spots. This time, we're elevating every aspect of your concert experience, making it more intimate and interactive than ever. (More dates TBA)

In Private Party Tour 2: The Encore, each venue is transformed into an exclusive haven where the line between audience and stage vanishes. Enjoy enhanced features beyond the music, including delicious foods, custom cocktails, special guests, and more! Each event is tailored to the venue’s unique vibe.

And don’t worry—one of the things we’re definitely not bringing back is the chance of our RV being stolen again!

Remember, Private Party Tour 2: The Encore is an invitation to join a musical experience that’s more personal and profound. As these nights are crafted to foster a closer connection with the music and with each other, they remain RSVP-only, ensuring every event is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering.

Secure your tickets now to be part of what promises to be the ultimate blend of music, art, and personal interaction.


Tour Support To Be Announced Soon!

ABOUT DMF: Multi-instrumentalist David Michael Frank is dominating the TikTok, YouTube & Digital music landscape with unique original songs, inventive covers, and creative videos that raise the bar for musicians in the digital age. Through years of steady growth releasing music on YouTube and touring, DMF has recently turned to TikTok where his videos have received worldwide viral attention because of his powerful 5+ octave vocal range. DMF has developed a diehard and supportive fanbase and has accumulated over 300 Million Views & 3M+ followers through steady uploads and genuine connection with his supporters.


Party Admission

Admission to the DMF Private Party Tour!


Tour Disposable Camera

Tour Disposable Camera: Capture your own unique moments of the tour with a disposable camera loaded with 27 shots throughout the tour. By purchasing early, your camera will be labeled and registered to you, ensuring that the DMF crew can add personal touches with photos specifically for you from day 1 of the tour! DMF and crew will be waiting for for you on your show day to take specific pics with you before your arrival at the show. Imagine candid snaps, backstage antics, and unexpected surprises, making this not just a camera but a personalized portal to the tour's most thrilling moments.



Join us on DMF's Private Party Tour 2: The Encore as we redefine live music with a self-funded, independent tour. Each donation directly enhances our journey, from city to city, show to show.

Join us on DMF's Private Party Tour 2: The Encore as we redefine live music with a self-funded, independent tour. Each donation directly enhances our journey, from city to city, show to show.

When you add a donation to your ticket purchase, you're directly contributing to essential tour needs like:

- Filling the RV Gas Tank: Keep the journey moving from city to city.
- Dinner for the Band & Crew: Feed the hardworking souls bringing this tour to life each night.
- Hotel Rooms: Ensure the team gets the rest they need to perform their best.
- Trailer Rental: Safely transport our equipment and instruments.
- Venue Rental: Help us secure the unique spaces that make this tour unforgettable.

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Why protect your registration purchase? Purchase Protection covers:

Severe Illness and InjurySevere Illness and Injury
Death in FamilyDeath in Family
Transportation FailureTransportation Failure
Crime and Home EmergencyCrime and Home Emergency
Employment ObligationsEmployment Obligations
Acts of NatureActs of Nature
Legal ObligationsLegal Obligations

Purchase Protection covers many common unforeseen circumances, but exclusions apply. View full List of qualifying circumstances and exclusions.

* Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Not available for or applicable to events, attendees, or travel outside of the USA. Purchase Protection is a service offered by Purchase Protection LLC. Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. It is a service that will refund you 100% of your event fees, taxes and dues should you be prevented by unforeseen circumstances from attending the event. Purchase Protection does not apply to, and will not reimburse, merchandise purchases and charitable donations. Purchase Protection fees will be charged as a separate transaction. Any changes made to your purchase will not change the amount covered in this agreement.

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